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Welcome to this Prep-for-Call Curriculum
An Objective Self-Assessment for Radiology Residents
(Currently 124 Case-Based Exercises)
The purpose of this curriculum is to provide to you a helpful means for testing your readiness to take call.  Some education-technology innovations are used herein so that you can in real time reflect on your progress and see how well you are doing compared to your peer group.
Unless told otherwise by your program director (PD), you will be logging in with a UserID that is anonymous.  That is, although your PD will be able to see how each UserID associated with your program is doing with the curriculum, only you will know that your UserID maps specifically to you the person. You will be able to see how you are doing relative to your peers in aggregate, and you will also be able to restudy the cases you have completed and see how well you do relative to the first time you tried them. 

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